Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Felt like I have been having too much fun playing with the Racing43 kit and have ignored the Ferrari. There is an old Cantonese Chinese saying that "New toilet smells nice for 3 days" to describe people always want to play with their new toys.

May be it is guilt, I switched back to work on the Ferrari tonight. I bought the Z Model harness kit for a while. The instruction sheet is not too clear. I tried to use it on the BAR 006 but failed. Thanks to a recent blog post of エヌエフさん's Lotus E20 build with a big and clear photo of how it is done, I now have a better idea how it is done.

So, I finished the lower 4 belts. I will do the 2 shoulder belts last. Enough work for the day. I was planning to spray a coat of clear on the body. Oh well, it will be a job for tomorrow.

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