Monday, September 30, 2013

Cantonese Style Roast Pork Belly

Nothing much going on with the McLaren M7A build. But I tried something different - making Cantonese style roast pork belly. Unlike western roast pork, Cantonese style has crispy skin, and is usually served with hoi-sin sauce.

I was talking to a bunch of friends and the subject somehow was on roast pork belly. Then the next day, I went to the local Korean supermarket and saw these beautiful chunks of pork belly, so I just have to try making roast pork belly.

Boiled the pork belly for 10 minutes

Drained and dried it.

Marinated the meat side with a mixture of spices, rice wine, sugar... etc.

Marinated for a couple of hours, and soak the skin side with vinegar for a couple of hours. Rinsed the skin and dried it for a day. Then poked holes on the skin with a fork. Wrapped it in aluminum foil and packed salt over the skin side.

Put it in the oven and start roasting!

Took it out of the oven, scrape off the salt, and start poking holes on the skin with a fork again.

The next part is to crisp the skin. I switch to broil so the top flame of the oven crisped up the skin.

Pretty much done.

Diced it up and put it on the plate, it's done.