About Project 43rd

I've been building models since I was 5. The first model kit I put together was a simple plastic kit of Eagle (the red plane) from the Japanese anime Getter Robot. The whole kit had may be 8 pieces and came with a tiny tube of glue. My first real car model that I built was a 1/24 Lamborghini LP500 kit when I was in 1st grade. Gradually, my interest shifted to building robots from Sci Fi Anime such as Gundam, and Macross. Then this hobby got put aside for a number of years because of school and work. I cannot remember why, but I started collecting 1/43 models of cars that I owned. I started doing research on 1/43 cars and stumbled upon this one guy's website documenting his built of a Ferrari 312T2, a Tameo WCT kit. And I told myself, I'd like to do that too. So I bought a BBR kit Ferrari F399 and started collecting Tameo kits. The follow up was a McLaren MP4/2, but it was a failure (didn't know about decal softener back then and tried to force a piece of decal over a surface). It got put aside for years. Then in 2011, the Senna documentary reminded me of all the F1 car kits that I collected. I found Marty's shop in Oak Lawn, bought a Toleman TG184 and I have been buying and building non-stop. (Way more buying than building).

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