Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blame it on the magazine

I wanted to subscribe (electronically) to F1 Racing magazine for a long time. It has been available on Zinio for a long time, but since I started several magazine subscription on Apple's iTunes store, I just do not want to create and manage yet another account. So, when I found out that the magazine is available through Apple, I subscribed immediately.

The October issue cover featured all the living F1 Champions. And since it was also the 200th issue of the magazine, it has an article on all the constructor's champion machines since the magazine's 1st issue.

And I did not know what happened, all of a sudden, I just want to have a collection of champion machines from 2000 to 2010. A quick inventory check showed that I already have:
2000 Schumacher Ferrari F2000
2005 Alonso Renault R25
2007 Raikkonen Ferrari F2007
2008 Hamilton McLaren MP4/23
2010 Vettel Red Bull RB6 

So, I bought a Ferrari F2001, F2002 and F2004 from eBay. I am still looking for a
2003 Schumacher F2003GA
2006 Alonso Renault R26
2009 Button Brawn BGP001

And of course, the biggest news lately was Hamilton moving to Mercedes followed by Schumacher's re-retirement. Then I saw an article in CAR Magazine contrasting the Schumacher's Benetton B192 (1st GP win) and the latest Mercedes W03. Then I saw a B192 on eBay... Sigh...

So, for the past month, I bought 5 more, but didn't even finish 1. It's all the magazine's fault!