Monday, February 18, 2013

Just checking

Spent Sunday working mostly on the interior. Put the wheels on just to see how the thing looks.

Back in 2011, I bought 5 cases with white base. The Ferrari 641/2 used up the last of that batch. So, recently I have been trying to find decent looking cases on eBay. I like the white ones, but no one is selling them anymore. I cannot leave the models not mounted, so last week I ordered a bunch of cases from BBR. I had BBR cases before. In fact, my first 1/43 F1 kit, the Ferrari F399 is in a BBR case. Took them a short while to process the order and just got a notice that they have shipped it. This time I ordered 6, hopefully they will last for a while.

Talking about display case. The model needs to be mounted to the base. I used to double sided tape and shims to hold the car to the base. It is not ideal. Then I started following blogs of other modelers and found that they drill and solder a nut to the base of the car and mount the car rigidly with screws. I started doing that since the BAR 006. For F1 cars, since only the cockpit is open, there are plenty of space that is not visible that I can mount the nut. Now, I am building this Audi road car, the center of the car is the cockpit, and it is not really a good place to put the mounting nut in. The only places left are the front and the back. I am still trying to decide where I should put that in.

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