Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grand Prix du Canada

Just finished watching the Canadian Grand Prix. What a crazy season this year. Lewis Hamilton drove a brilliant race and became the 7th Grand Prix winner this year. Me as a half-ass British National is very happy that a Brit driver and a British team won. Even though the Hamilton's 2 stops are both slowAnd seeing Grosjean and Perez passed Ferrari was just priceless. (With the exception of Gilles Villeneuve, I was never a Ferrari fan).

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a very special track to me. There, it's where I spent my first Grand Prix weekend back in 1996. There I learned a couple of essential things to make a Grand Prix weekend enjoyable:
  1. If you are getting a seat in the grand stand, pick one that is not on a straight. 
  2. Ear plugs! Racecars are loud, very loud. F1 cars are exceptionally loud. 
  3. Get a scanner to listen to the communications, or a radio to listen to the live commentary.
  4. A big cooler full of beverages!

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