Friday, October 21, 2011

Williams FW07/FW07B 3

I've been away this week. That means I did not spend any time on this project. This weekend is the homecoming weekend of one of the schools that I've attended, I am planning to be there for some of the activities. I don't expect I'll have any time working on the cars. Anyway, I am still waiting for some reference material for the FW07 to arrive in the mail, might as well just wait for it to arrive and continue.

When building the Toleman TG184, I was using the coffee table as my work bench. Last Sunday, I went out and got myself another desk as my work bench. I have it set up in the living room so I can watch TV while building my models. Here's my new work bench.

Just when I thought there is nothing else to update, I got these stuff in the mail:
1/43 harness from Z model in black, blue and red

1/43 mesh, going to try use this to form the air funnel cover

And the most important of all, the latest issue of F1 Modeling!

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