Monday, January 21, 2013


With all these noisy machines running and the mess in my apartment, I just needed to get away from the house. So I went to Marty and Mary's store to kill time on Saturday.

As usual, by the time I arrived, the military model gang were already there. Military model is the main business of the shop, and they have a wide variety of military kits, detailing parts, reference materials from every manufacturer. Besides military stuff, they have some really special car stuff. At least in the US, you almost never find any 1/43 scale kits in any store, so it is really rare that they have some Tameo, Provence Moulage, Renaissance and Starter stuff in stock. Moreover, they have Make Up (from Japan), Feeling 43, Profil 24 and a couple of 1/20 BBR resin kits. Since I was the only customer in store who appreciate these things, Mary was digging into the shelves and was showing me all sorts of kits, decals, transkits. Then she pulled out something which the clear plastic packaging has already turned yellow:

This is a 1/87 1996 Porsche GT1 from Le Mans Miniatures. The car that placed 2nd overall and 1st in class during its debut year. Once I saw it, I knew I must have it. I'll need a microscope to put it together.

Although I said I am limiting myself to buy only 5 kits in 2013, this is not in 1/43 scale so it does not count. This is the excuse I gave myself.