Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eat my own words

Ok, I was only going to build the Audi out of the box, no fabrication of anything. Unfortunately, when I really look at the parts, I found this:

A broken and all banged up roll cage! Oh well, white metal is basically some sort of really soft alloy with tin and lead. And packaging is usually an after thought for all these little manufacturers. So, this kind of things happened.

I am going to try fabricate the roll cage out of bronze bars. In the old days, it would be an easy job since I have access to my tiny little machine shop at work. But now, I don't have clamps and jigs to hold things. We'll see how well I can get this thing made.

I went down to the art supply store, got some 3/64" brass rods, a bending jig, and got to work. Cut and bent a couple pieces, and solder them together. The result is not bad. It looks better then the cast white metal one that is for sure.

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