Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Return to the Workbench

Can't believe my last post was 2 years ago! Too many things happened in the past couple of years. Left my old company, relocated to a different city, different state. When things seemed to be stabilized, the stupid virus turned the world upside down.

One main reason I put down building 43 was my addiction to training and running marathons. So far, I completed 5 marathons including 2 world majors (Chicago and New York). Was going to run Tokyo Marathon this year, but you all know what happened. Now that all marathons are cancelled, I do not have any goal race, and no point doing any serious training.

So, I just decided to come back to building 43. Got rid of a lot of things when I moved from Chicago to Dallas. The first order is to clear some space in my home, setup a workbench and replenish supplies. It probably will take some time before I can actually restart and pick up where I left off. So, stay tuned!

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