Thursday, May 28, 2015


Oh well, gravity struck again. Sigh...

This is how it happened. I bought this parts holder painting:

Notice that the alligator clips are snapped onto these 2 horizontal rods. They rely on friction to hold the clips angular orientation. It would have been fine it the pieces are from plastic injection model kits, as they do not weight much. So the torque at the joint would not be greater than the static friction. Unfortunately, for a 1/43 F1 car body which is made of white metal, the weight is too much to handle. After I was done painting, I left the body kind of balanced on to of that alligator clip, about 6" above the metal rod at the base. Then I heard the blunt sound of a block of metal hitting my wooden floor. Mass x Gravity x Length of Moment Arm > Torsional Friction happened. Now I will have to fix that stupid wing, again.

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