Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tools and productivity

I like cooking, but I hate washing pots, pans, and dishes. Same thing applies to airbrush. While dishes can stay in the sink until I have the motivation to wash them, I must clean the airbrush right the way or risk having the nozzle clogged. And with just a single airbrush, I have to clean it before I can spray with a different color. But the time I am done cleaning, my motivation to spray is usually gone.

Today, the problem is partially solved. I got a second airbrush, an Iwata Neo. It's a relatively cheap airbrush, but it is quite similar to the Iwata Eclipse that I've been using. Some reviewers said that it is not as durable, but the way that I am using them, it probably will last a long time.

Also bought some quick release connector so I can switch between the 2 easily. I immediately started spraying the FW29. If it wasn't because I ran out of semi gloss black paint, I would have finished painting all the black colored parts.

So, at least for today, my productivity improved. Let's see how long this motivation can last.


  1. Now i am envious, i have only the one airbrush as well and use it for all colours, metallics and of curse my beloved 2K. Cleaning is essential and i will admit i have made mistakes and end with a silver based clear before. My AB is a Paasch and i love it but have been toying with an Iwata....let me know how you go with it.

    1. My old one is an Iwata Eclipse, the new one is a Neo. They are very similar, but I can tell the Neo is not as well built. Not surprising since the Neo is much cheaper. The Neo works as good as the Eclipse for now, since it's still new. Time will tell.