Saturday, January 24, 2015

When they are gone, they are gone

Z model, one of the few shops that sells detail up parts for 1/43 cars, is closing their doors. I did not know about that until I saw 67GT-san's post. It's been difficult for me in US to get Z model products. Their web shop only cater to domestic Japan customers. Then late last year, I figured out that 2 large model car shops (Raccoon and Romu) take international orders, and they both carry Z model products. I thought my problem was solved, I can order through Raccoon or Romu. Who knows Z model decided to close down their business. Sigh... When this stash are used, there will be no replacement. Now, where can I get the seat belt kits?


  1. I hate it when you jsut get something you have wanted and then before your eyes it's gone....Time to get a bank loan and buy all the