Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Building models is an important part of my life. But there are other things in life that are more important, so the CG901 project was on hold for the past 2 months.

Things in my life are still far from normal, but as I have said before, building is my therapy and it keeps me from going insane with all the craziness around me.

Kind of put the rear suspension together. For the car body, when I was a bit careless when I was polishing it over the weekend and went too far. So, I resprayed the body and have been just waiting for the paint to fully cure before I can polish it again and put the decals on. Good thing about these mid field or back markers, they usually do not have a lot of sponsors. That means not a lot of decals to put on!

Next item on my list is the cockpit. Surprisingly, this old kit did not even have the photo-etched seat belt that usually comes with Tameo Kits. So, I will be using Z Models' belt kit. Haven't looked at the steering wheel and the dash yet. Not sure what I will do. But I will definitely use the turned aluminum shift lever rather that the flat photo-etched one.

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  1. I hear what your saying Francis I'm in limbo land with our move still. Great to see you back at it..