Monday, November 11, 2013

Trim it down

Worked on the lower half of the car today. As usual, the floor and the diffuser are too thick. I shaved off material to make it slimmer (learning from masters like エヌエフさん). Also, I am going to replace the exhaust pipe with aluminum tubes. You can see the 2 sections in the picture. I have already grinded off the cast on pipe from the base. Still need to cut 2 channels to put the pipes in.

Enough for the evening. To be continued.


  1. No No Noh! I am a poor modeler. lol
    I am looking forward to your work.

  2. I did not know these required so much work....

  3. エヌエフさん, you are being too modest. Your blog inspires me to do more.

    Shayne, just like any model kit, the amount of work depend on the modeler. When we start to go after the realism and get the correct details, the amount of work explodes.