Friday, August 2, 2013

Attention Deficit Disorder

The main reason that I have not been updating the blog was because of the moving. I was too fed up with the old apartment being flooded too many times. Looking for a new place, packing and moving took up most of my time. Now that things are more or less settled down, hopefully, I'll be able to finish up the Audi, and start building something else.

When I was packing, I was shocked to see the number of kits that I have. And I thought they are enough to deter me from buying new kits. That was true for a short while. And very quickly, I have forgotten.

Last week, I saw the news that Tameo's accepting orders for built Red Bull RB9 German Grand Prix, I know they're going to release the kit soon. So, I placed my order with my supplier even before Tameo's announcement! It will take some time before it is ready to ship. I can wait. May be the next project will be building RB6, RB7, RB8 and RB9 all at once?


  1. Now that would be an undertaking the four builds....go for it.

  2. 大変な状況かと思いますが、困難に立ち向かって頑張って下さい。
    Good luck!

  3. Shayne, エヌエフさん:
    I was just joking. My next project would probably be something orange in color.