Saturday, June 1, 2013

Relocation's effect on purchasing decision

Part of the reason why I have not been posting was that I had been busy finding a new place to move to after the second time my current place got flooded. The deal was finally done and my workshop will be moving to a new home in the coming weeks.

I will leave the furnitures to the mover, but for the important stuff, I have to handle them myself. In the past 2 days I moved all my kits over to the new place. If I had not done that, I wouldn't have realized the number of kits that I have. Over 80!

Good enough reason to stop buying kits. Now I don't need any quota.


  1. wow...any kits you wanna sell?

  2. I bought every single kit with the intention to build. But buying is always easier and faster than building. And I ended up with this stockpile. There are a couple of WCT kits that I still have not build up enough courage to start building them. I probably should seriously consider which kit I am willing to part with.

  3. As they say he has the most toys wins...Nice collection and i am the same i always move the important items.