Friday, July 13, 2012

Animals and Ferrari Red

Guess what I got?


My animals from Italy are here! A 2 year old Green Rabbit and a 1 year old blue parrot! Sorry Black Bison, 3 years ago, you were not good enough in 2009 to deserve the WC name, and you will not be in my collection.

Now that I am winding up the BAR 006, I guess I should finish the Ferrari 641 first and then decide what should I build afterward. My current project at work will come to a conclusion by the end of next week and I do not have anything lined up yet. So, I will probably have some extra time to play with model cars.

Going back to the Ferrari 641. Which red is the correct red for the car? On TV and on photographs, the car is just red. But in real life, Ferrari F1 machines that I have seen were not exactly red. F310, F399 and F2000 that I've seen looked like they are in fluorescent red with a hint of orange. So, anyone has any idea which red Ferrari 641 is supposed to be in?

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