Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simtek S951 13

Skipped town last weekend, only work done was putting the rain light on and painted 3 out of 4 hub centers. Why only 3 out of 4? When I was putting the hubs on the wheels, one of the hub center fell off (bad application of adhesive?), I set it aside and have totally forgotten about it. After I painted 3, I noticed that the 4th one was missing. I freaked out for moment. I thought it fell off when I was painting the hubs, so I looked around my work bench and wasn't able to. Just when I was going to throw the towel, I open up my parts bin (where I keep all the pieces when I unbox a kit) and saw that tiny bronze turned hub piece sitting inside the bin! What a relief!

Remember the barge boards? The two which I managed to broke or lost all 4 support brackets? I decided to fabricate the supports. I bought a reel of 24 gauge (close to  0.6mm in diameter) anodized metal wire (black anodized, saved me time to paint them) from the art supply store, drilled out the plates with a 0.6mm drill and glued 4 short pieces on. Then bend and trim them. The result is not too bad.

The last 2 tasks outstanding:
  • install the antenna
  • attach the 4 lug nuts
Should be able to finish next week.

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