Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simtek S951 7

Progress is way slower than I hoped. Fixing that mis-applied decal turned out to be way more involved.

Tried to use the decal softener on the decal and then rub it off. Who knows decal softener not just soften the decal, it kind of dissolved the acrylic paint also! Since the white was sprayed over the purple, I rubbed through and exposed the purple coat!

So, I masked it off and spray it again. That means I'll have to wait for it to cure before putting the Jos Verstappen's decal on. So much for this weekend. Clear coat next weekend then.

Update 1/8/2012: let it dried overnight and polished a little bit with the micro sanding stuff. Doesn't look too bad. Lesson learned, the old carpenter's trick applies to pretty much everything: MEASURE TWICE AND CUT ONCE. Double check things, make sure everything is correct before pulling the trigger. It will save myself from a lot of headache. Doing it right the first time is much easier and the result is usually better than trying to repair mistakes. Not just in building model cars, it also applies to life in general. I guess this is my epiphany of the day.

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