Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Chill is here

Winter is here in the Midwest, even though according to the calendar we are still a month away from winter. Last week temperature dropped to below freezing. And it is snowing in Chicago today. Since the clock is changed from daylight savings time back to standard time, and the fact that day is getting shorter and shorter, it is getting dark at 4:30pm in the afternoon. Lack of daylight is lowering my already low motivation to spend time at the workbench. It could be the beginning of a long cold winter.

This is what I did this Sunday evening. The center part of the front wing being lower that the bottom of the end-plates, I have to make a fixture to get it to sit level. The upper front wing element is a pain to fit. Took me a while to "negotiate" with them to get them settle in. That's it for this week.

Next weekend is the last F1 race of the season, driver's championship is still not decided. I cannot wait to see Hamilton and Rosberg duking it out.

1 comment:

  1. Not good about the weather already changing so dramatically, i wont tell you we are quite warm here....hahaha
    Looking forward to next weekend, i am in Team Rosebergs corner on this one.