Sunday, November 23, 2014

Result of Abu Dhabi GP: Alex Wurz won

Alex Wurz retired from F1 several years ago. What am I talking about? I was debating whether the FW29 should be built into the Wurz version (that placed 3rd in Canada) or the Rosberg version. And I have decided if Rosberg won this year's driver's championship, I'll build the car into the Rosberg version. If not, the Wurz version. As a result of the race earlier, Alex Wurz won.

This weekend, I added the fin to the back of the car.

Further adjusted the front wing.

Kind of put together the rear wing.

 Found the lower support just a tad narrower that the wing. So I put epoxy putty on, will work on it when the putty is cured.


  1. Looks great Francis but i wish it had of been the Rosberg version you were doing....... :-(
    But i like Alex as well so bring on the paint and i would love to see you do his helmet in 1/43rd....hahaha

  2. Fortunately, I am only interested in model cars, not model drivers. So I won't be doing nobody's helmet.