Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sidetracked 4 - My bad

No wonder the Tameo 1/64 scale 64T series can have that much detail while the Le Mans Miniatures Porsche GT1 that I am playing with now is so crude. It is because the Le Mans Miniature is actually 1/87 instead! When I was cleaning my coffee table and was about to throw the kit's packaging material away into trash, I flipped the cardboard over and saw: 1/24, 1/43, ... 1/87? Then I went to Le Mans Miniatures' site and sure enough, they don't do 1/64. Only 1/87.

Why 1/87? It is the very popular HO scale in the model train world.

Here's a link to a site dedicated to 1/87 scale model cars that I found, pretty interesting stuff.

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