Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toleman TG184 5

Busy day at work, got back home a couple of minutes ago and found this in the mailbox!

Found on eBay a couple of weeks ago. Another 1/43 Toleman TG184 kit! This is from Meri. As you can see from how the box looks, this is a relatively old kit. All white metal parts, no photo-etched anything. This kit is the early version of TG184, and can be built into either Monaco GP version of Detroit GP. However, It did not supply a set of rain tire, so Monaco GP version will not look right without the correct tire. May be I should start looking to steal rain tires from other kits.

Here I have the 2 bodies side by side. The one on the left is my work in progress Tameo one. The one on the right is the Meri one. First impression is that the Meri kit's molded white metal body seems very clean, that will save me a lot of time prepping it.

Ok, back to the Tameo one. Put a couple of pieces on the engine. The instruction called for painting the exhaust pipe polished steel. But instead of painting, I just polished the white metal piece. Also, opened up the tip of the exhaust with a 0.5mm drill. Picture shows the test fit. Can't put the rear suspension, drive shaft and the rest of the pieces on yet. Still waiting for the drill bit from McMaster-Carr. UPS probably had delivered it, but probably stuck in the mailroom. Really looking forward to the weekend when I can make more progress.

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