Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toleman TG184 1

I got a bit crazy buying 1/43 scale model car kits a couple of years ago. I successfully put a Ferrari F399 together, but then the second one, a McLaren MP4/2, was a failure. As a result, all the kits got shelved.

Thanks to the Senna movie, my interest in building 1/43 F1 cars got re-ignited again. So, I dug up that box of Tameo kits from mom's garage and have it shipped back to Chicago. I also found a hobby store in the Chicago area where the owner also loves building 1/43 cars and he knows a lot of tricks on the subject.

My first trial is a 1984 Toleman TG184 Portugal GP, the last car that Senna raced for Toleman before moving to Lotus. This is a Tameo kit, TMK 229

Here I'll document my progress.

First, I got the white metal body cleaned up, holes drilled and front suspension pieces bent. Now, it is time for a trial fit.
With the front wing end plates, and the mirrors attached, a first coat of white primer is sprayed on.

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