Thursday, December 31, 2020

Almost done with 2020

 Today is the last day of 2020, it's been a strange year. Because of the pandemic, a lot of events got cancelled. In fact I was really looking forward to run the 2020 Tokyo Marathon, and the trip to Kagoshima afterward. Unfortunately, just like everything else, event was cancelled and my trip was cancelled.

I am thankful that the pandemic forced me to set up my workbench again and restarted building model cars. I am doing it at an extremely slow pace.

I have a collection of 1/43 models of the cars that I owned. The only missing one has been the model of the Ford Bronco II when I was in Boston back in around 1998. Finally found a decent model of it. In the 007 movie Quantum of Solace, there was a scene that James Bond drove a Ford Bronco II. And the model is the movie version of it, red in color and with dust painted on the body and the windows.

The Bronco II was very beat up, and has rust everywhere, but it was with me during a difficult time of my life. I cannot leave this model as is. I have 2 options. One, repaint it in white just like all the other car models. Or Two, modify it to look exactly like the one that I had. Either option, I had to disassemble the model and strip everything off. Last weekend, it took me a while to take the thing apart.

In the process, the windshield wipers and the rear wiper are damaged since they were glued in. I am going to replace them with photoetched ones from other kits. Also, the model does not have any side mirror, I will need to find a pair and add to it.

Next step will be stripping the paint off. It'll be in 2021.