Saturday, August 8, 2015


I slowed down buying kits quite a bit nowadays, but the rate is still not zero. Found his BBR Williams FW16. The first 1/43 F1 kit I built was a BBR Ferrari F399. Haven't built another BBR kit since then. I am sure I will get to this one some time. This kit was fairly old, but the quality of metal casting is very good. In my opinion, better than Tameo of that era.

On the reading material front. The latest issue of Model Graphix is quite interesting. The main feature is on layout of model building space. Now I have some ideas to improve my workshop aka living room.


  1. Good to see I am not the only one out spending money, but bargains are there to be had. Nice pick up and I look forward to you ripping the box open...

    1. Sigh... Should not have looked at BBR's online store. Saw a couple of new old stock that they have on discount... Couldn't resist. I blame technology for making this too easy.