Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Break Continues

My vacation has ended and I am back to work. However my break from the workbench will not end for at least 1 more month. I lost last weekend to company meeting in Florida. I am not complaining about it especially when the temperature in Chicago last week did not go above 10°F. And because of work, I probably will not have any chance to sit in front of my workbench in the next 5 weeks. :(

Anyway, got these from the postman last week, which gave me a little bit of warmth in this brutal winter.

One for Lewis and the other Nico!


  1. Sounds cold that is for sure, i wont tell you we have HOT temps here then....
    That is dedication to buy the same kit for both drivers....I would go Nico first...

    1. Lean manufacturing taught me to reduce setup time to increase throughput. Building them side by side would be the best choice, I think.