Friday, May 9, 2014

I can see the end of the tunnel

Front and rear suspensions completed. All that are left are wheels, mirrors and the rain light. Hopefully, this guy should be done pretty soon.

As usual, the kit's mirrors and the supports are casted together in one piece with white metal. The supports are too thick, so cut the support off and replaced them with brass wire. Then they are cut to length and I painted the mirror housing in body color. I will paint the support in black after the paint on the housing is dried.

The tires with the kir are the typical old Tameo black rubber donuts with no markings. The kit came with the tire decals, but decals do not like to stick to rubber. The tires from new Tameo kits have all the markings already painted, good for lazy people like myself. This time, I took the tires from another kit. Also added a valve stem to each of the rims. These guys are smaller than a flea. It happened so many times when I use tweezers to handle tiny metal piece, the metal piece turned into a projectile and few away. I lucked out this time, did not lose any.

Next would be finish painting the mirrors, install the wheels, front and rear wings, then mirrors and miscellaneous other little pieces.

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  1. Excellent that it is sooo close now, looks like we will see the finished item very soon now.