Monday, April 21, 2014

Restraint, Superhero and Reading Material

I was planning to spend more time working on the CG901 over the weekend, but all I managed to finish was the harness.

After putting one together for the Ferrari F1-90,  I am getting better at doing this kind of harness. The frustrating part is not putting them together. they are so small that when it flew away and I ended up crawling on the floor trying to recover them.

Besides all the Easter religious activities, I went to watch Captain America with a bunch of friends. Although I do not follow the Marvel comic books, the movie was quite entertaining and loaded with action. Being able to take my mind off my problems and relaxed for an hour or two, that is definitely a good thing. Thank you Captain.

And a friend who recently returned from Japan brought me the latest copy of Model Graphix, as a return of favor since I loaned her my Fukuoka Guide Book.

Main feature of this issue are classic rally cars. Although the builds are all 1/24 scale, it may be useful in the future.


  1. They look better than what I do in larger scales....very nice.

  2. Credit should go to Z Model who made the detailing kit. They pre-cut the fabric into tiny strips which make it a lot easier. If you have ever tried to cut a really narrow strip of cloth, you know what I am talking about.