Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Before Famous - Adrian Newey's last car at March/Leyton House CG901

Even though the McLaren is far from finished, I couldn't help but started working on another car.

This past Sunday in India, we saw the 10th Adrian Newey design that won the F1 Constructors' Championship, the Red Bull RB9. But once upon a time, before the Williams FW14B, there was a time when his cars were not that successful.

Before joining Williams, Newey was at March/Leyton House. This is his last car there, the CG901 at French Grand Prix, which is the better B spec version with updated aero.

I got all the holes opened up, removed flashings from casting, trimmed the air box inlet walls down and made it deeper.

This is a pretty simple kit with very few parts, will see how long will it take me to finish.

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  1. Look forward to this Francis, it was a gorgeous car and i really like your work. Watching with interest.