Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Quota minus 1


I promised myself to limit my 1/43 kit purchasing to 5 this year. By dividing 365 by 5, the answer is 73. On the average, I can only make one purchase every 73 days. Today is March 5, which is day 64 of year 2013. And I broke down and bought my first kit in 2013 (considering shipping, I probably won't get it before March 14, i.e. day 73). Last year, I had this idea of gathering the all the cars that won the driver's championship since 2000. For a long time, the only missing piece was 2006's Renault R26 driven by Fernando Alonso. There is one on the bay for a long time, but the seller's selling price and shipping charge is just too high. Then another one show up with free shipping and is the British GP version with the very cool looking tiger livery. So, I simply do not have any excuse not to buy it.


  1. I love your comments, it made me laugh. Looks like someone has already broken their promises to themself. Look forward to this as it is a cool looking car so good luck with the bidding.

  2. It is the British GP version with the tiger livery instead of the tobacco livery.