Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BAR 006 12

No work travel for the week, so resuming work on the BAR 006, but at glacial speed. Only managed to put on a couple of decals and touched up the "red" that the decal couldn't cover. 

Originally, I just used Tamiya X-7 gloss red for the tip of the air-box and the little area underneath it, but when the decal was dried, it turns out the red on the decal has a slight tint of orange. Not noticeable in photographs, but it was quite obvious with naked eye. So, I mixed the red with a bit of orange (Tamiya X-6) and tried to match the color as close as I can.


I don't think the progress of this project is going to speed up any time soon. Sorry brother, the Porsche 935 that I promised you may have to delay a bit.

Already started thinking about the next project. Even though I've already started working on the body of the Ferrari 641, the plan may change. I really want to build the McLaren MP4/22 and MP4/23 just to try out the Alclad II chrome stuff. On the other hand, I also want to build the RBR RB6 or Honda RA300. Sigh... problem of having too many interesting kits.

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