Saturday, March 24, 2012

I think I need help

I am not a Ferrari fan. Yes, it has a very colorful racing history. Yes, they made a number of amazingly good looking race cars and road cars. Yes, I did dream of driving one when I was in grade school (who doesn't?). When I started to get interested in F1, it was during the ground effect car era followed by the turbo era. It was a period when Ferrari was not the best on the grid.

So, why am I buying so many Ferrari models lately? Unbuilt ones in stock include: 312T2 (FDS), 312T3 (Tameo Super kit), 312T4 (SRC), 640 (Raccoon), 643 (Meri), F93A (Tameo), 412T1 (Tameo), 412T2 (Tameo), F2000 (BBR version and Tameo). One simple reason is I like building models, but I am not too fond of complex paint schemes. Ferrari, being just one color (except F93), and no complicated livery means that, not much masking and not much decal softener work needed.

Besides Ferrari's, my recent purchases also included a number of Williams and McLaren. Williams FW11B (Tameo), FW14 (Tameo), FW14B, FW29, and a McLaren MP4/22.

And I have 4 more on order: a 1976 James Hunt McLaren M23, 1976 Niki Lauda Ferrari 312T2 and 2 Ferrari 641/2...

I am probably compensating for those childhood years when Mom and Dad (typical Asian Parents) kept me from building models thinking that my favorite hobby would distract me from my school work. Haha.

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