Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ferrari 643 1

Although I have not finish the Simtek S951 yet (just need to put the rear suspension pieces and the wheels on, so final touches), I started working on the Ferrari 643.

Ferrari 643 in my opinion is a good looking car. Unfortunately, it was no match to competitions like McLaren MP4/6 or Williams FW14.

Anyway, this is the second 1/43 Ferrari that I build. The first one was a BBR Ferrari F399 kit. Although it is not the first, it is my first Meri Kits. A very simple kit with not a lot of parts. Paint scheme and decals are also quite simple. Should be a quick build.

First order of the day, clean up the body. Filed off flashing from casting, fixed the some defects by soldering. For the couple of spot that did not want to take solder, I use putty as filler. That's all for now. Next step will be drilling holes. But that will need to wait till the Simtek is all done.

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