Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My continuing effort to help the Italian economy

Building the SRC kits made me appreciate the thoughts that Tameo Kits put in when designing their products.

Even though I have way too many kits on the shelf that I couldn't possibly finish in a year, I bought 2 more in the recent weeks.

Both are the backmarkers of the 1995 season. Tyrell 023 and Simtek S951. Simtek folded in the middle of the season, but who can forget the purple car with the MTV logo on? I like Tyrell 023 may be because of all the Tamiya marketing of its 1/20 kit back in the days.

I know I'll build the Simtek to Jos Verstappen's #12. But for the Tyrell, I cannot decide whether it should be Mika Salo or Ukyo Katayama.

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